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June 11th, 2013, 15:34
Reselling… There is one other thing noone mentioned (at least I didn't see it).

There are PC games millions are playing. One of those is League of Legends.
It's f2p. What happens?
You register, level your char in a few weeks to max (level 30 currently) and then sell the acc. You're not reselling a game. And everyone's happy. The seller who nets the cash, the buyer who couldn't be arsed to "waste time" on learning curve.

I'm not saying this could or couldn't work on consoles too. But how many console games can beat PC MMOs? The example I used, that game, it's a game not available on consoles and still millions are playing it and it's a cash cow (currently).

And those billionssold-my-arse console exclusives? Honestly, trying to make me buy a console by making an exclusive title is not my problem not I plan to solve it by buying a console. I don't want to buy a console as I believe it's just an expensive junk and that's it. Obviously, they don't want my money otherwise they'd have ported those games already.
Or in the end we're talking about useless crap not really worth it's price so let's add the word "exclusive" to make it sound fancy and hope it'll sell better.
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