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June 11th, 2013, 15:46
Originally Posted by wolfing View Post
I just finished the game. I liked the first campaign, but the second campaign not so much…
1- My characters were already high level. Only got to do like 2 advancements in the 2nd campaign. I like having things to look forward to.
2- I had already completed all invention research so again, nothing to look forward there.
3- Too much back&forth.
being so far to the west, having to go back to it to add another thing was a chore (in the end I just skipped this)
Yes, the traveling can be a bit tedious. However, almost always when I was just about to get a bit bored by it, one of these random events or conversations happened, or I did find something intersting out there after all, so it just so worked OK for me.
I did not explore Hispaniola fully and left several sidequests unfinished in my playthrough, so I had a less fully developed expedition when I went to the mainland than you did. But I can easily imagine that that can be a problem. Glad you enjoyed it anyway.

By the way:
Spoiler – Mexico campaign spoiler
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