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June 11th, 2013, 23:50
Well here's what I've come to learn about Xbox One (and correct me wherever I may be wrong):

-Games you buy are tied to your account (much like how Steam works)

-You *might* be able to play games you own on another Xbox One console in your household if you own more than one Xbox One

-You can play a game you take to your friend's house for 1 hour

-A game can only be sold one time after the initial purchase, and it must be to a friend on your friends list who has been a friend for at least 30 days, and the friend will have to pay some sort of fee, the amount which remains undisclosed at this time

-Game discs are really just installation discs and once a game is installed you don't need the disc anymore

-Units at time of release will come with a 500GB hard drive

-The Xbox One MUST connect to the internet once every 24 hours and if it cannot you won't be able to play any games (but you can still watch movies and TV).

-Kinect is required and must be attached to the Xbox One in order for it to operate. When the Xbox One is off, the Kinect is in 'sleep mode' but still able to accept certain commands, such as telling it to turn the Xbox One on.

-Xbox One has a slightly better list of exclusives at time of release than PS4

-PS4 Has slightly better graphics than Xbox One (not that I care)

That's everything I know in bullet point. Feel free to add more or correct/clarify anything above.

I'm not feeling the love for this machine. MS is going nuts with DRM they are like a communist country at this point. Earlier this year MS had a 'for the lifetime of the machine' clause as part of their license agreement for the current version of MS Office. They changed their minds about that. Hope they'll lighten up with this crazy DRM nonsense with the Xbox One or chances are I won't buy one. It's a suckers game paying full price to effectively rent a game. And the Kinect is creepy with it's always on setup - nothing a nice piece of duct tape can't fix though.
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