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June 12th, 2013, 02:13
Originally Posted by Roq View Post
It's not the gay marriage thing that's a problem per se, it's the fact that the game was intended to be about blood lines and so they would have to come up with some artificial measure whereby gay couples adopt children, which nevertheless have the genetic traits of the gay parents - it's just a wholly unnecessary contortion in order to pander to the political correctness of the day and IMOP that doesn't belong in a fantasy computer game.
Exactly. In the end they have to make gay people still be able to pass on their genes, which requires them taking a surrogate mother/father. Then they have to somehow indicate this system in the game. It all gets fairly absurd. Subtle and complex issues in real life rarely translate well to games unless you make the game entirely about those issues.

The BBC has a quite timely article today about gay people who oppose gay marriage. This highlights the fact that there isn’t one “gay voice” out there, despite what we hear in the media most of the time.

Originally Posted by RedSocialKnight View Post
This is maybe my favorite niche subgenre (yes the Red SocialKnight in my avatar is from an early Fire Emblem), and the game sounds awesome.
Just curious, what other games in this subgenre do you enjoy? I'm always looking for other games like this that I might have missed.

Originally Posted by RedSocialKnight View Post
And it seems unnecessary - Game of Thrones has gay content while acknowledging the centrality of political marriage and royal breeding to the structure of a feudal society. Why not have this game do the same?
Yeah, that's a good example. My understanding is the game isn't about lovers but lineage, so if someone is gay that really is entirely irrelevant.

Originally Posted by Roq View Post
They have already been clear about what kind of game it will be in that respect - it will have a progression story in the way that XCOM Enemy Unknown does
This may be my biggest concern, the whole story element. XCOM was a brilliant game, but the lack of story seriously harmed its impact IMO.

Now consider MC’s other inspiration: FFT. That game is the total opposite of XCOM story-wise, featuring countless memorable characters and a long and fascinating story. Tactics Ogre for PSP even surpasses FFT IMO, being the absolute pinnacle of SRPG gameplay AND featuring a brilliant personal story AND featuring true choices and consequences. (Sorry, I'm in love with the game.)

I guess I'm just spoiled after FFT and Tactics Ogre. I'd like to see Massive Chalice 6 months from now to decide if I want to support it I suppose.
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