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June 12th, 2013, 07:01
Originally Posted by TheMadGamer View Post
Tone deaf is to mild a word to describe MS.

They ignored complaints about Win8 and the Metro UI replacing the Start Button. They released Win8 to spectacularly bad sales. Presto this summer there will be an upgraded version of Win8 with a start button. Go figure.

They ignored complaints about MS Office's 'life of the machine' license policy. They ignored the complainers. They released MS Office. Sales were stagnant. They removed the idiotic 'life of the machine' policy. Sales went up. Hmm… think we're onto something. Er, no…

Along comes the next Xbox. Everyone world-wide really despises the DRM being built into the machine. MS will likely release the machine as stated. Sales will like be pretty bad. Only after suffering, they'll likely loosen up on the idiotic DRM schemes.

It seems MS MUST go through the exercise of idiocy before the light bulb comes on. Until then, they enjoy running into brick walls, over and over again.
They are bringing back the start button but not really. It's not the traditional win7 start button, it's a start button that just takes you to the metro UI.
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