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June 12th, 2013, 08:10
Originally Posted by Fnord View Post

I could beat an easy AI on my first attempt, so it is not that hard on newbies.
Well I didn't noticed the AI setup and keep the default and it was a game with two AI, one seems have vanished soon but the other is crushing me.

The AI really made me suffer with archer when I had none. Gave me the feeling of unballance in fact, reminds me Baldur's Gate 1 with overpowerfull archer. :-) It seems like an eternity to rush through the arrows rain and the orders are rather stupid with armies fighting against 3 units instead of going to archer. Ha well. :-) On other hand giving order to attack archers seems not work well at all.

Originally Posted by Fnord View Post

The game is somewhat complex though, but its complexity won't really shine through at the early parts of the game.
Yeah for this first game the beginning was discovery so it was ok but it seems pale and I feel I didn't choose a right race (it was advised as one of the easy for the map) ie Oceania. The problem is the water is limited (10 provinces), it gives a good base but to get out of water it's a total pain, units are very weak and it's very hard to find the right provinces allowing a good recruiting of strong units.

There's two points I still wonder, Magic research, and Dominion. The AI was crap in that two area but just kicking my ass with income/provinces and armies. The tutorial let feel that's two major points but for me they seems very secondary. Or if the AI was such a crap to manage them perhaps I had the lowest AI setup? ;-)

I'd better drop this current game and understand well that two points. Perhaps you could explain me a bit?

EDIT: Well I read the chapter about Dominion and seems a lot like designers would like that it was important, but it's a lot of fake. I quote the few benefit but with my pretendant stuck in water it's weird and the prophet is just one unit and for other units it's a detail. The only way to spread it but for very few races is military so the conclusion concentrate on military and build temples just if you really want recruit a unit requiring it otherwise it's lost of gold so lost of time.

I should read about Magic research but I bet that appart if you want build items or use a lot the pretendant (but it's pointless with Oceania) it will be also pointless.

No wonder why the AI was crushing me, such lost of time and effort in two points. Well for magic research it didn't used that much resources but it was so pointless. At first I believed it was useful for all units then I realized it wasn't and started wonder.

Well seems like some design points need some improvements, but just mainly ignore that points will be fine.
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