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June 12th, 2013, 14:01
I'm waiting for a good sale for Endless Space, then I might pick it up. I still have a few 4X games in my backlog, but it would be nice to support one of the more recent ones

Originally Posted by Ihaterpg View Post
Well I didn't noticed the AI setup and keep the default and it was a game with two AI, one seems have vanished soon but the other is crushing me.

The AI really made me suffer with archer when I had none. Gave me the feeling of unballance in fact, reminds me Baldur's Gate 1 with overpowerfull archer. :-) It seems like an eternity to rush through the arrows rain and the orders are rather stupid with armies fighting against 3 units instead of going to archer. Ha well. :-) On other hand giving order to attack archers seems not work well at all.
Archers are really good against lightly armoured troops, so if you have access to more heavily armoured ones, place a group of them in front of your more lightly armoured ones (if you don't have any, consider summoning things like drakes and other heavily armoured units, protection is the stat that you want). And remember that archers can hit your own units (precision determines the chance of, and how much, the arrows will scatter from their intended target square, so units with incredibly low precision will see their arrows scatter over a huge area, same holds true for spells). So rushing in with heavy cavalry is a viable strategy, as this means that the archers will end up hitting their (most likely) squishier friends as well as your heavily armoured cavalry.
If you don't have access to more heavily armoured units, then it either means that you'll have to be reliant on spells or recruit units from provinces that you've conquered. If you look around a bit, you'll probably find that you can get some heavy cavalry, trolls or something in some provinces. It might be worth building a fort there to give yourself some decent production.

Originally Posted by Ihaterpg View Post
There's two points I still wonder, Magic research, and Dominion. The AI was crap in that two area but just kicking my ass with income/provinces and armies. The tutorial let feel that's two major points but for me they seems very secondary. Or if the AI was such a crap to manage them perhaps I had the lowest AI setup? ;-)

I'd better drop this current game and understand well that two points. Perhaps you could explain me a bit?
Magic depends a lot on your race. Some races have access to really good mages, and need to focus on magic ASAP, while other races can get away with not focusing a whole lot on it. Many races also have their own race specific spells.
Take a look at what commanders you can recruit, and you'll see what schools of magic you have access to. If anyone has 3 in any school of magic, then you are in luck, as that will give you access to some pretty nice spells. 1 is alright, 2 is good, 3 is great. But no matter what race you play, you'll want to start researching magic from at least turn 2. Recruit commanders that have good research stats and give them the task of researching (short command shift-R). Also, look at what spells you think look good for you under the research tab (F5) and start to research those. Remember that the further into any school you get, the more research points you'll need, so don't just look at the ones at the bottom and decide that you want to get there, look at the ones you can get relatively soon. If you don't have access to heavily armoured troops, then getting to level 2 conjuration early is a good idea (there you have the drakes (fire, earth & water only)).
Mages will automatically cast whatever spells they think are appropriate in combat, unless you give them order to cast specific spells. They usually make at least alright decisions, so unless you have something special in mind, you can just tell them to "cast spells". You'll also need gems for the more powerful spells & for any rituals you want to cast. For this you need to "search for magic site" under the command menu (for spellcasters only, they will search for sites up to their level in that particular school of magic. There are also rituals that allows you to search provinces for magical sites, although these will come later in the game, and you'll need gems to cast them (you don't need to be in the province to use them though).
Also, don't be impatient about magic. It is a long-term investment. The early spells are useful, but it won't be until you get access to the later ones that you'll fully appreciate how powerful magic can be.

Dominion is one of those things that I'm a bit unsure on exactly how important it is. It has a few effects on the game, but most importantly, it you don't have any dominion, you've lost. If you make a prophet, it will be stronger in provinces with your dominion (the more dominion in that province, the better), but weaker in enemy provinces. It also increases your troop morale and allows you to recruit more sacred troops each turn (the ones that costs "holy" when you recruit them. Not all races have those). Temples will spread your dominion, and it might be a good idea to place temples at your borders to prevent enemy dominion from spreading into your land.

I've never played an underwater nation, but they seem to be a bit trickier to play then regular above water ones.

I would also recommend taking a look at the strategy & tactics section over here and at least take a quick look at the different races available, to see which ones would suit you well.
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