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June 12th, 2013, 20:36
Originally Posted by Nameless one View Post
I am curious to see research about how much people plans to buy PS4 and how much Xbone, someone probably did research about it if not someone probably will soon.
I am also interested in how this will all unfold as well. I see 3 primary groups:

1 - The informed buyer who will not buy the Xbox One given the DRM restrictions and will resist the temptation to buy the console even when their favorite exclusive game is released on it (I'm in this group quite solidly).

2 - The informed buyer who will buy the Xbox One either because they can't help themselves (get caught up in the drama of the next HALO debut (or other game they want) or simply because they don't care about the DRM restrictions

3 - The Uninformed buyer - those that don't pay close attention to industry trends but still like gaming, or those who buy gaming consoles as gifts (parents, family, close friends etc.)

My guess is that groups 2 and 3 will still represent a healthy number of sales over the life of the console. At the same time, I believe group 1 will represent a large enough group to give MS at least a good black eye and Sony's PS4 a solid lead over the Xbox One.
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