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June 12th, 2013, 21:20
Cool that's a lot of information thank you. Yes it's so few investment that not researching at all magic seems weird. For temple I build them everywhere, that was pointless, the tutorial was so insisting on temple building that I got wrong conclusions.

But I sill haven't understood the effect of magic research. It setup the max possible in any magic specialization for any unit? And the unit magic level setup another max and it's the min of both that is possible? Well I'll try check this section in the doc but that's a bit tedious. :-)

Just to see I tried quickly the race I'm fighting (Sauromatia) omg the nice units. The AI bastard used almost only those and I have to collect junk there and there or use crap amphibian. But I think I won't give up the current "lost" game but will apply a guerrilla tactic from water. It gives a sort of center position so I'll retreat in water and will harass on one side and conquer on opposite side of the AI center, at least the bastard won't be able to use that easily so many of its own units.

Also AI tactic is rather weird, conquer fast, build nothing, not let any protection. From water center position I should be able make this approach a crap I think. I'll have use a lot amphibian units but I think it could be efficient.

Go on let go back humiliate some AI. :-)
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