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June 13th, 2013, 10:47
There is one fundamental difference that great storytellers have from the rest of us, no matter how smart we are, how clearly we can understand things and how creative we are in our own field. A great storyteller is able to envision greatness in a story which is, for the rest of us, inconceivable. A great storyteller is, furthermore, capable of communicating his vision (by words, images or whatever means he considers most appropriate) in a way that after we've experienced it, that which once was inconceivable, makes perfect sense - we may end up wondering how we failed to see something so obvious before it was shown to us.

True greatness of storytelling in gaming is inconceivable for us until we experience it - until the great storytellers come along envision it and communicate it. Then it will become perfectly obvious. Therefore, as long as we can't identify any truly great stories in games ('truly great' not 'great for a game bad for any other medium'), any absolute conclusion on whether they can exist or how, have no merit unless they come -directly or indirectly- from those that are able to envision and communicate them.
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