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June 13th, 2013, 14:15
Originally Posted by lostforever View Post
I don't like all the crap M$ is doing but unfortunately, if Xbone has some nice games I will bend over… and I think most people who are now complaining (legitimately) will do too. M$ knows this hence why they are spending lot of money into new games which will be Xbone exclusive…
Yes, Microsoft will sell *millions* of XBones. But look at it this way, Sony sold millions - and they lost so much money from that division that it has had a dramatically negative effect on the company and its image and future. Sony is a different company than they were a decade ago - largely due to the decisions around the PS3 (and PSP) and the aftermath.

There are three business models for game hardware:
- Make money from the start (Nintendo, Apple)
- Lose money at first but turn to profit through manufacturing efficiency and licensing, etc - Microsoft, Amazon, etc.
- Lose money forever - Sony.
-- Mike
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