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June 13th, 2013, 21:01
BioShock Infinite

I had 3/4 of a fairly big post written but since Windows decided to restart I'm gonna sum up my paragraphs to:
  • Weak combat, almost entirely filler. Guns/Spells fun in the first time but console focus apparent.
  • Rapture was more atmospheric than Columbia despite beautiful vistas but BI is very strong in atmosphere when it wants to be. The world oozes with detail and especially style like few before it.
  • Columbia's society received a fairly light and superficial treatment. Main groups and characters are either caricatures or their social roles underdeveloped in favor of their involvement in the main story.

The story and especially the ending was nothing short of incredible. The last half an hour was a terrific mindfuck, one better or at least equal to what the movies that specialize in that area provide. Connecting the pieces after the credits roll was a novel yet very welcome gaming experience and even after the various timelines and events became completely clear I couldn't but admire how well-thought-out the plot was.

Apart from the plot, Infinite's ending left me wondering whether the experience that the story aimed to create/provide was best delivered through the kind of game that BI was. A different genre or even a radically different medium would probably work just as well if not better. Infinite's plot could have been served as an adventure game, an honest-to-god interactive movie or even a certain sort of film.

As things stand I'm certainly glad to have played it but can't ignore its confused nature that lead to some important shortcomings.
I'd just like to interject here and point out that I'm not going to say anything to spoil the mood, Chief. I'll just float here and watch. Don't mind me, just sitting here, floating and watching, that's me.
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