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June 13th, 2013, 21:28
Well if any of you read the link it says more than half of that is for marketing. That's the problem with the industry. The game technically only cost $12-20 million.

- Directly on the production of the game plan to spend at least 45 million zł. We also expect that the marketing budget is the third part of The Witcher around $ 25 million - says the head of CD Projekt.

This is a total of more than 110 million zł. No other game, which was produced and financed by the Polish company, did not cost so much.

Adam Kicinski emphasizes that while 40 million zł, which goes into production, I immediately fall in the cost of CD Projekt Red, the $ 25 million will be settled otherwise. The assumption is that the first lining them came distributors Witcher 3, and then collect them from the revenues of each copy sold. Global publisher of games is because CD Projekt.

- Marketing expenditure incurred by our distributors will not be our costs, but will be deducted from revenues due to us from the sale of the game - says Adam Kicinski.
I could just imagine what the larger publishers spend on marketing that sales need to be over 5 million just to break even.

Regardless I can't wait to buy the game off GOG and give them my support.
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