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June 13th, 2013, 21:32
Originally Posted by Kostas View Post
[*]Weak combat, almost entirely filler. Guns/Spells fun in the first time but console focus apparent.
I thought combat was very good and definitively better than previous Bioshock games
Originally Posted by Kostas View Post
Rapture was more atmospheric than Columbia despite beautiful vistas but BI is very strong in atmosphere
Agreed, while Columbia is well done Rapture remains one of most atmospherics settings in any medium imo.

Originally Posted by Kostas View Post
Apart from the plot, Infinite's ending left me wondering whether the experience that the story aimed to create/provide was best delivered through the kind of game that BI was. A different genre or even a radically different medium would probably work just as well if not better. Infinite's plot could have been served as an adventure game, an honest-to-god interactive movie or even a certain sort of film.
I disagree.While I like Adventures far more than FPS but I don't think it would deliver this story very good, and I don't like interactive movies as I think they are medium for who people too lazy to make fitting gameplay.

Also one thing I think isn't as done as good as in original BS are voice recordings they are more interesting in first BS.

One thing I didn't like about first 2 BS games is fixed.That is silent protagonist that is huge plus BSI has over rest of series.
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