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June 13th, 2013, 23:00
I don't think the ruleset is that complicated. I mean if you play competitions of pvp and win is major then perhaps. But if you want play it as a normal single player game it's ok.

I continued the game I mentioned above where the AI was crushing me. Changed quite a lot my strategy (but been crushed in first approach forced it because of characteristic of the map and AI behavior).

And now in same game (I don't mean reload back) I'm close to crush the AI. According stats I have about two time more armies size, income, provinces, and one of the AI is enclosed in a corner and its main city doesn't even has a dominion level. The other is still mysteriously absent and underdeveloped.

During that game I just discovered many elements through the game, this thread and for now I have only read in the manual the section about Dominion, and a bit quickly.

It's just by playing the game that I saw, without to have seen it in manual, stuff like:
Spoiler – Some minor spoilers, stuff few players would prefer discover themselve

Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
Have always wanted to get this game WITH a printed manual but the cost has always been to high for what it is ($50-$60?). A digital version without a printed manual does not appeal to me for the reason you've demonstrated - a complicated ruleset best understood by perusing a printed rulebook. I love doing that FWIW, BTW.
Ok I think that it's required to follow a bit the tutorial in the manual, not to master the complexity of the game, but to learn some major interface elements hidden through some shortcuts or sometimes through some commands panels of commands panel which can be replaced by one shortcut command. Also the manual informs you of the main elements you could need bother during a turn, like scouting, moving armies, look details in battles, manage dominion, make magic research, recruit, make armies, setup armies, and some more.

But I'd say just remind few points as an abstract of the manual that you won't discover easily through the interface and clicking where there's obvious buttons:
Spoiler – Abstract in few lines of the tutorial

You'll learn the rest as in all other games, overall the interface is enough well done and there's many in game informations, click where you feel you want click and don't forget experiment with right click,

For sure it's more easy for this short tutorial (5/6 turns max) to have a manual book (not for me because of vision) but on my 30" and 28" or better eyes than mine would be fine with smaller monitor, I could have both the manual and the game in window on screen and with characters big enough.

I was fan of homm genre, then was a fan of Kings Bounty the legend, but now I couldn't find anymore a homm I enjoy play and I suspect that replay now homm3 wouldn't work that well than it did, also I can't play with fun follow up of kings bounty the legend because it's too much the same. But :
  • Conquest of Elysium 3, that I'll definitely play more, is very fun, original, with a lot of mood. It's a sort of "homm like" casual/light in an approach rather different if not unique.
  • Dominion 3 seems be a gem, a classic like the standard classics, with few flaws and an interface with some weakness but fine overall once you know the main shortcuts. And seriously, a digital manual isn't a reason to not play it.

Infinity Space impressed me as much in fact, and if it's more considered as a follow up of Master of Orion because of the theme and some key elements like spaceship blueprints, it is in fact a lot more in the line of Civilization series with some Master of Orion elements. After about 150 hours or 200 in it, I consider Infinity Space could benefit of more work on AI, more work on difficulty and difficulty levels, and more work on the various ways to win the game. So not yet a full classic, but the 2 will be… if the team continue, doesn't disband and succeed improve.

Ok after have play Dominion 3 during 100 hours or a bit more, I'll have a better clue of how well Dominion 3 is a classic but that (40, 50 hours?) first approach is a big clue it is.

Now the multiplayer aspect is another element, but it's an optional plus, not a requirement to enjoy this game. In single player it's fine and fun, and for sure because of AI it can't has the same depth that pvp, but seriously, not play some homm or kbtl because there's no multiplayer? Because of previous distribution mode and previous price, it seems like the game is a bit obscured by its multiplayer aspect and unknown when it should be a lot better known.
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