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June 13th, 2013, 23:29
Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
…for the reason you've demonstrated - a complicated ruleset…
Well as I already mentioned, in the same game for which I was whining, I got without reload a huge lead against the AI, but I won't swear I have a win already.

In first learning of a game, I do that relatively often, list bad points or whine about a game on some points that I don't understand (yet). Firstly, some forum help can do huge change, for example I think it totally changed my opinion on Eschalon Book 1 thanks to few key hints from forums.

But secondly and mainly, put in words some irritation against a game I don't "master" yet and causing some problems, helps take distance, think about the problems I have in the game, and some forum comments can help even more in the same direction. That doesn't mean the game is what I write it is when I whine about it, still discovering and still playing it. It would be a crap or really too complicate for me (tactic/strategy/gaming action skills) I wouldn't continue play it.

EDIT: Its complexity is probably exaggerated by the multiplayer gaming, and the importance multiplayer got for the game. The amount of possibilities is enough to make it complicated, fight this Dominion setup is a lot different than fight this other Dominion or even map setup.

But from a single player point of view, it's just better replay value, the time to discover the game is potentially very long because of the amount of stuff not because of the complexity, you'll be constantly in the learning and discovering phase which is the most fun phase and why you finish get bored by some amazing game, no more learning and discovering. The complexity "problem" of this game is a multiplayer point of view, it's just single player replay value.
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