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June 13th, 2013, 23:22
While I don't care much for shooter gameplay - I found Bioshock Infinite MUCH better than Bioshock for this aspect.

It just controlled much better - with a lot more precision. It had superior long range combat - and as I'm a fan of sniper rifles, I naturally enjoyed that part of it as well.

I will say that the tactical arsenal during combat seemed smaller - but since I never really found much use for tactical creativity in Bioshock, it's not something I missed.

As for Rapture - I'm a sucker for underwater environments - so it had a natural advantage. But if we're talking level of detail and mastery of the art, I'd say Columbia far surpasses Rapture - which looks primitive and positively ancient if you compare them directly.

If I had to guess - then you could take the one hour introduction of Columbia - and you'd have more detail and unique assets than the entirety of Rapture. But that's just a guess.

When it comes to story and the ending - Bioshock Infinite walks all over Bioshock. In fact, I find it hard to believe they're both by the same person. Bioshock was basically low-level philosophical musings that fell apart around halfway through - and Bioshock Infinite was a complete and consistent story with an ending that blew me away.




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