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June 14th, 2013, 10:51
When I look at dialog options in SWTOR, or in the demo of ME2 I once played, I must see that this isn't transparent at all.

I mean, it's happened several times to me that I took an dialog option which seemed totally normal and okay for me - but I was given a harsh or even "dark" reaction.

What Bioware totally fails, is, giving a hint towards the player what kind of outcome will come to choosing this dialog option.

The only redeeming factor is, that in SWTOR one can turn on in the options how much an dialog option would go into "light" or into "dark".

Maybe in the original English language version, the wording is clear enough, and maybe it just was lost through/via the translation process; however, this still doeas mean for me, that I really CANNOT see, into which direction the story will evolve if I choose a certain dialog option.
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