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June 14th, 2013, 21:57
Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
Yep, the learning part ifs the fun part for me, too. How does this game compare to AoW 1?
I can't say. :-) But I wonder why compare to it, is it because the 3 is going to be released?

I wouldn't compare Dom3 to homm3 or kbtl. There is no point to compare them, if my memory serve me well (for homm3) the three are very worthy to be played.

Dom3 isn't about tactical fights, unlike homm or kb&kbtl. A battle in Dom3 is zero time, it's only when you decide check one that it takes some time, but there's no need to bother with all of them. In series like homm or kb&kbtl, even a small battle takes time, it means that the strategy level is hardly at same dimension than it is in Dom3.

One turn in Dom3 is long not because there's a lot of micro management, but because there's a lot "moves" to do during one turn, and each one are part of a local strategy decision and a part of a global strategy decision. There's also many tactical decisions but they don't lie in the battles. In battles it's about commanders and units you use, how you position them and what orders you give to each. You do all of that before the battle, but the battle can only be watched to observe the result of your decisions. Often, even during that intense learning phase, I don't watch many battles.

It can't be compared to homm, nor kb, nor civ, nor to Elven Legacy, nor to Warlords, and probably not to AoW (the 3 video seems a lot like recents homm and the 1 seems a lot RPG).

The only interrogation point I would have about Dom3 is if the AI is enough or not, good, diversified, adaptable to your current skill. Otherwise it's not only a gem, it seems to me really a classic.

EDIT: But you should give a try too to Endless Space, there's a demo if I remember well. At least if you are quite fan of civ series you should really try it.

EDIT2: Cool it seems the porteam made a good OSX wrapper for Age of Wonder 1 and for the Gog version, I'll perhaps could try it sooner that I believed.
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