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June 15th, 2013, 01:20
Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
Ah you can only watch the results of your battle? AOW battles play out turn based, where the player makes movement and attacks decisions for each unit each turn.
Ha ha yeah, but really it's where the game shines, ok you won't get your nice tactical battles, but seriously is it match the depth of tactical battles of King's Bounty The Legend?

The point is elsewhere in Dom3 it's all about planning, more a strategy mood. What follow is certainly pointless so sorry. But here a snapshot of my current turn in my current game (it's big so requires click on it to see it bigger, and there's a second zoom level through an icon command at bottom):

In this snapshot the world is zoom out to show a global view but usually I play closer to see better the informations. Also the names of provinces are shown but can be hidden. There's in fact multiple filters about what is shown or not on the map.

The interface elements are for the province selected (this is my home) :
  • To left the commanders in the selected province (my dominion home, Oceania), each can have an army of one or more groups. Bellow their icons their current action that I can change, 4 research magic, 1 is casting a spell, cast a winter on a province, I choose the home of main enemy AI.
  • To the top left, the general informations about the province.
  • To the top right, the general information about the kingdom.
  • To right, three sections, general commands, commands about army managements, special places or building build in the province.

On the map:
  • You see provinces identified by scouting or dominion spreading. Green blue flags are mine, Brown green flags are main enemy AI, the second AI isn't even yet discovered on the map. White flags are independents
  • Sort of big gray towers are forts, white 'castles' are temples.
  • Units packs represent evaluations or armies at the location but it's an estimate, there's a part of imprecision.
  • Grey arrows are scout/sneak movements planned, red arrows are normal armies movements, if there's an enemy army on destination there will be a battle.

So for example during this turn:
  • I move an assassin from Pythiar Swamp to main AI Home (bottom center a bit to left, Sauromatia). It's a mercenary I recruited during previous turn.
  • I distributed to some commanders some items crafted in previous turn.
  • My dominion is casting a spell generating a winter on home enemy province. I got the ability for this spell at this turn because magic research during previous turn allowed me reach another magic level providing me this spell, yes it was planned and research done just for it.
  • I also changed this research to increase magic level in a mafic allowing craft items so I can craft next level of more powerful items.
  • At Pythiar Swamp it's a fort I took and destroyed (already tried previously use this as a strong base and it's been a disaster. Most armies already left Pythiar Swamp, last leave and a mercenary that will leave at end of turn is destroying a Laboratory I don't want use there and don't want let the enemy use it. It's a very minor risk, because anyway the mercenary will leave. The have a rude life with me, some leave with one leg or one arm lost, some lost all their armies and continue try be recruiting with one man at their order, and even one with none… :-)
  • A bit north to Sauromatia I recruited more armies at Turtle Watch and Ermon River, I'll get them at next turn. They will bring reinforcement to battles around enemy home.
  • The scouting (gray arrows) is trying get an overview of enemy dominion because without enemy it will be beaten. It's in fact in provinces I already sneak in past but it's information lost when the scout and left and there's no province controlled at border. So I need refresh the information.
  • To the left of map, it's just harassment of enemy. At The Defile he build a fort I already siege it, and bring more army to safely assault it. Then will just destroy it because it's not a province with a good enough supply to make comfortable to use it as a strict controlled position. But I could try first build a temple to see the effect.
  • To the right of map, it's just an army coming back for a little campaign to control all provinces the enemy AI had took and let almost without defense.
  • To south left, it's few armies also making harassment, the turn before I was in fact feeling an enemy army i felt a bit too large but trying continue the harassment. My prophet is there and I don't want lost it. But if I don't see anymore this enemy army it's most probably because it is in Falterwood. But there's a (small risk) all elements including all troops could move 2 squares on the map and is on Falterwood where it could attack the destination of my army with my prophet. I'll take the risk because I noticed previously that many elements was fast units. So if it happens this will probably be an army quite lower, if the scouting (automatic) wasn't too wrong.
  • Another more risked decision choice is about the movement from "Something Home" to Something Marshes". The current army at marshes is ok te beat safely. But just at south my scout has seen an enemy army. If that army moves to marshes then the battle will be rougher. Moreover it's at border to enemy home that most probably can recruit a lot of units at each turn so there's a good chance that the number of armies I see at Sauromatia is wrong and under evaluated, despite it's just been scouted. If some of those armies go to the Marhses then the battle there will be rude. But that could be an interesting sacrifice option in an idea of constant harassment and because I took a large lead in income and ability to recruit. There's other options, stay at "Something Home" but suffer of starvation because the province hasn't enough resources. Attack the fort just north east to destroy the temple it protects. Retreat to Turtle watch to delay the decision.
  • I recruit armies at Turtlewatch and Ermon River for replacing future lost in battles around enemy home and maintain a stream pressure on AI (the bastard did that very well some time before so it's my turn).
  • I also recruit a Lion Tribe Witch Doctor at Ermon River. And the arrows of two squares movement from Pythiar Swamp to Ermon River is bringing there a second Witch Doctor. Both will use to build coastal forts in hope to get the resource boost I noticed before allowing recruit more either local mounted horse troops either amphibian not that strong but good for harassment. Also one of them will move south to build at some key points one or two temple to put another dominion pressure around enemy home from this side.

The game is relatively dynamic so despite the enemy is just an AI and that it seems I have a string grip on the whole map, I don't consider yet that it's easy win done. I could be wrong because of my lack of experience. But also the style is important, and all those decisions are fun, it's to conclude in beauty a total reversal of situation after a series of lost and a terrible lost at Pythiar Swamp that I was persisting to try keep. Imagine all my current provinces not in water was to AI enemy but Turtlewatch and Ermon River plus to east The Defile, Sandy Waste and The Steppes which was where where I started invade out of water provinces.

EDIT: Updated the linkto the snapshot because Photobucket shrink it estimating the original picture was too big (that's right). So I put another one forcing keep original size and you need zoom two time to get it full. First is standard zoom second in at bottom another zoom command.
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