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June 15th, 2013, 15:02
Maybe, but ever since Skyrim the games they have released were only officially announced one year before release. Admittedly the only release since Skyrim was Dishonored.

There have been cases like Prey 2. I don't know if they jumped the gun on that one or that they had to announce early to keep the trademark tied to them (you can only keep a trademark if you actively use it otherwise it becomes 'dead').

Announcing and then running into trouble like with Prey 2, or earlier with Rogue Warrior is also not optimal.

Examples from other studios' games announced early are Diablo 3 and Dragon Age, games that both were overhauled in the middle of development.

My prediction: Fallout 4 announced in okt-dec 2013, release between november 2014 and spring 2015 (I know they want to release in the Holidays but if they missed Holidays 2013, I don't think they would wait till Holidays 2014 just to release in the holiday period). Also Rockstar has proven that games that can sell 10+ million will sell in spring.
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