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June 15th, 2013, 16:04
So do I. That's why I don't like it if it takes until the game is almost over for your characters to do more than a standard attack, or be able to put on the kind of armor you want them to use. That's where the comparison with games based on DnD 3.X came from; until you got a versatile character you were at least in mid-game.
I think you are talking about character development, and not character creation. In my opinion, one of the extreme weaknesses of Drakensang was the restrictions on what otherwise could have been and should have been an extremely robust character creation.

I love an extremely complex, detailed, and options-heavy character creation, as well as character development. Sometimes, a detailed character creation and development system entails long term planning, meaning your character will not be somewhat realized until mid-game. This isnít a bad thing as it provides something interesting for people with some cognitive ability. If people like a game with no character creation and superficial character development, where it starts you almost at full power minus equipment from the onset, pretty much every crpg is for them; leave the extremely few that are for people who like a little complexity and thought alone.

Itís like the droves of mindless automatons who have to whine when a game they otherwise might like states it has TB combat. Why? How many of my kind of people do you see whining when Diablo 3 or TES whatever states it will have twitch combat? None, because we donít poop on peoples parades like children.

This isn't directed at you, but those people as described above.
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