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June 15th, 2013, 17:50
Originally Posted by Impregnator View Post
I think you are talking about character development, and not character creation.
It is both, obviously.

In my opinion, one of the extreme weaknesses of Drakensang was the restrictions on what otherwise could have been and should have been an extremely robust character creation.

I love an extremely complex, detailed, and options-heavy character creation, as well as character development. Sometimes, a detailed character creation and development system entails long term planning, meaning your character will not be somewhat realized until mid-game.
You misunderstand me. The point is that every character should be fun to play virtually right from the start. I shouldn't have to play for 20-30 hours before my character attains his first few active abilities that make me do more in combat than click on the enemy. This does not mean that the character concept that you had in mind for this particular character has to be realized at that stage; say, if you want to create a tank so powerful that he requires virtually no healing unless hit with magic, this goal doesn't have to be reached in the first half of the game. It's fine if it takes long to attain that status.

In Drakensang, when I wanted to create a tank, this wasn't really possible until pretty late. Heavy armor would make a young character ineffective at practically any task, including fighting, dodging and parrying, which goes directly against the concept of a tank. If I wanted to create an offensive archer or spearman, I had to wait until forever before these talents could be learned at a teacher; and those points that you needed to unlock these talents were better spent on skills - as there were few opportunities to employ those skills, so you absolutely wanted to have as high a value in those as possible or the effort would be completely wasted.




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