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June 15th, 2013, 20:11
It was I who brought up Ulysses, but only as a rhetorical device, my point being that comparing different media is pretty pointless. A game besed upon the book might be interesting, though. Imagine playing as an ordinary bloke during an ordinary day and do ordinary stuff like visiting the bathroom, taking home groceries, preparing a meal etc. What would the game mechanics be? How would you implement the internal monologue? Now, there's a challenge.

Nothing much happens in Ulysses, and it's still a brick of a book and great literature too. Not only do I not want any plot in my games, I think that plot is the least interesting aspect of literature as well. Particularly I don't like plot twists. Even some of my favourite authors, Ian Banks springs to mind, are too fond of that cheap device, the "unexpected" plot twist.

It's damn hard to come up with an unexpected plot twist when everybody expects the plot to twist adn turn unexpectedly. This is particularly annoying in a game with a predetermined story, where it is telegraphed that your character is going to be betrayed by a close ally, but you are unable to do anything about it, because the game is railroading you along. Almost every game does this, come to think of it.

If you must have a plot, please make it a straightforward one.
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