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June 16th, 2013, 10:11
One might argue endlessly where a well-produced and narratively effective game like Last of Us belongs on the 7-10 scale, but review score inflation in general is not a phenomena I believe in anymore than I believe in flying saucers or libertarian economics.

The reason reviewed games usually don't get below a 6 is that most truly bad games are simply never reviewed (let alone played by more than a handful of unfortunate consumers). There's just so much shovelware out there that rightfully doesn't get any attention at all, and the handful of new releases each month which are reviewed by all the major publications are bound to be relatively decent games. Also, standards in AAA game design have risen considerably over the years, as the development/production process has been streamlined and professionalized in ways that were simply unheard of in, say, the early 1990s. This obviously does not mean that your average developer is likely to create a ton of games which fit the preferences of RPGWatch regulars; that's a whole separate issue…
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