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June 16th, 2013, 12:57
Originally Posted by Sacred_Path View Post
…if there's a 2-4 page review that doesn't align with the score in your opinion, go with the written word.
That's the correct approach to most reviews BUT I can tell you one thing for sure, that most people won't ever read half of a two pages review and instead, go straight to the conclusion paragraph. Most of the crowd will go directly to the final note ! That's a major cause of frustration for a reviewer and the only way to avoid it is by writing short articles (not everybody's able to do that well though). It's very rare when people commenting about your work are able to quote the article honestly, as showing that they actually read the whole text. Instead you get partial quotes that don't actually reflect about what the article meant and that adds to the frustration. One of the main problem IMHO about written reviews is that people tend to think that while a person write reviews in a magazine they really are journalists but that's rarely the truth ! This is a real job and it's very demanding. Many writers are occasional ones (as I am). Contrary to what the people think, it's a work that mostly takes away the pleasure from playing games and it also takes time (a lot of it !) to learn how to be done well. Apart from being really gifted from the start, it takes time to understand how to synthesize weeks of gameplay into a couple of paragraphs and how to express the meaningful from the mundane parts of it. What I would say to people criticizing and even accusing writers of being corrupted, which is 99% of the time false, is to take the time to reflect and think about the amount of time needed before putting down those two pages of review and also to really take time to actually read it as a piece of work. Think about how you would have put it but not as a pastime, taking a few minutes from a week-end, but as a full time job that repeats week after week. Be intelligent and be tolerant !
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