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June 17th, 2013, 20:24
Back to more focus on Gothic. Going to play as a mage so stocking up on skill points / levels in chapter 1 before picking a camp. I do this by killing things. A lot of nasty things. Hopefully they respawn later. Will need close to 200 popints to get all the fire and water circles, plus the sixth circle. More actually if I want decent mana. Not sure about a good number for mana.

I am hardly spending any points on fighting/bow skills/attributes so this is a real challenge. It takes 10 solid hits with the orc hammer to kill an orc dog. In the meantime the dog has more than as many chances with me, with just about 3 hits killing me (at level 13). Snappers and bloodhounds need to be tricked into locations where I can safely pelt them with arrows. Shadowbeasts, I can't even damage. I was able to kill a few orc hunters though with the orc hammer. Harpies in the mountain fort I was just barely able to take out by spamming the bone bow.
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