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June 17th, 2013, 20:54
Originally Posted by sakichop View Post
IAlso there's several mods to change respawn rate. I know you don't use mods as it might take something away for you to bitch about.
There is no mod that stops respawning. There is a difference between words "stop" and "rate". Oh and norespawn mod for FO:FNV doesn't work in case one's want to try it, I did but didn't work - but for whatever reason I didn't see so many annoying respawns in FNV for some reason.

Originally Posted by sakichop View Post
Besides the witcher has respawns. You can walk around killing downers forever if you wish. You spend endless time going back and forth through the swamp to do quests, killing the same swamp monsters over and over.
Yes that's true. However:
1. You can completely ignore them as their presence is just a decoration, they can't hurt you badly unlike endless bosslike draugr in Skyrim that don't disappear when you run through them but continue are chasing you all over the place
2. Of if respawns do afflict a significant damage, there is a method to stop them from respawning (for example burning corpses) without any need for mods, cheats and hacks
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