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June 18th, 2013, 08:16
Wow. This project seems far too unstable right now for me to be tempted into firing Skyrim up again just for this mod, but it has amazing potential to revitalize a woefully under-developed gameplay and plot device for Skyrim. I personally never finished the Civil War questline because of how lackluster and non-dynamic it was. I hope the leader of this project stays dedicated to making this mod stable, or finds extra volunteers with experience working on ambitious mods to fully pull this off.

Also, it's very refreshing to see a mod that isn't purely aesthetic. I was worried that Skyrim's mod scene would never have the great overhauls or gameplay additions that previous Bethesda games had. Hopefully there will be more promising projects like this one to add substantial reasons to replay the game and keep Skyrim alive - after all, it may be another 5-6 years from now before we see another Elder Scrolls!
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