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June 18th, 2013, 09:31
For all the negativity on the Xbone, I have to admit it's a bit….. silly in light of other media evolution. Not to necessarily side with MS on this one, I cringe too at the DRM shittiness, and always-on digital eyeing, and all that.

But if this truly is a thread about the "redemption" of the console, let's think about it a sec.
Really, are we still doing this? This is my hobby, and these are objects in my collection. Last time I moved, I tried getting rid of a box of games and ended up turning the truck around at the last minute. I just cant toss Lords of the Realm. I dont care if I never play it again, it's part of my collection. If i ever should WANT to play it, it's there. I fired up Re-Volt after a decade just recently and played the hell out of it.

I dont sell my games, ever. Chances are, a game I want will be half-price for a new copy in 6 months, later on even less so buying a scratched disk for a few bucks less becomes less attractive.

So I dont give a shit about that.

So it basically authenticates your software, or you cannot use it. Kinda like Steam, which we all howled in protest at, way back when. Now I have 184 games. I load up steam, i play my games. Or I fucking dont, and they sit there collecting virtual dust. Life goes on.

See the computer games section lately? Why buy a boxed copy for 19.99 when it's going to be on digital download for 2.99 soon?

20 years ago, the concept of all my music being digital would have been anathema to my ears. Now, I cant remember the last physical cd I bought. I buy the MP3s off Amazon, burn a disposable copy for my truck and file it away on all my players. I dont buy DVDs, or even go rent a physical copy. Not even smut (then again you'd be stupid to pay for that at all these days) It's all streamed.

So theyre envisioning taking the console to the next evolutionary step, as pretty much all other media have gone, including computer games. They have to be able to weather that initial storm tho, people are never going to be happy about DRM in any way. I'm not happy about it, it's change and it's big-brother reaching into my life, but I can understand it. Look around you, it's the way things in media overall have been heading for the last decade, games are not going to be the exception for very much longer.

I wonder if I'll ever have to physically defend my stash of game discs and cartridges from rampaging nerds, should the apocalypse truly happen and the net goes dark.

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