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June 18th, 2013, 11:14
It is true that if you are on a budget and play games at their default settings an ssd is not a really cost effective upgrade other than in the sense that I pointed out (heavily modded/tweaked games that display stuttering and increased loading times).

Most new games are designed with consoles in mind these days, so they need to be light on the loading department (that is only a good thing btw)…

A good Graphics card is a much more logical investment.

That said, a good middle ground solution would be buying a small (128 GB) ssd for a system drive as Drithius pointed out and perhaps buy a second HDD drive (identical to the one you have now) and RAID0 it for a games etc drive. Do note that raid0 is less safe than a single drive theoretically so back up your sensitive data if you have them. There will be even enough space left on the ssd in case a particulare game is getting on your nerves loading/stutter wise and you need to move it there for a spell.
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