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June 18th, 2013, 14:14
A correction of previous post about three important points relative to the interface:
  • It's possible to make groups of commanders.
  • There's a command to select next commander without an order ie in Defend/Hide/Siege modes.
  • There's a command to repeat a Ritual Spell each month/turn (none for crafting items each month or recruiting without paying in advance, and so on).
Still missing many commands staking options, but those 3 abilities could change a lot the game playability when you control ton of provinces and armies. I'd say the only very important missing are now stacking recruit without paying in advance (seems they could easily add it), stacking movements orders (but that one is a big design step), check next province with troubles (unrest, take care of game turn messages to follow that point)

About commanders group:
The game allows create groups of commander:
  • Shift-click to select a range.
  • Ctrl-click to selec/deselect a commander in the current group selected.

Then when you select a commander in the group, all commanders in the group are highlighted. That group commands aren't in the manual and not even in wiki: http://dom3.servegame.com/wiki/Hotkey

One detail is a nasty trap, when you move the group, if a commander can't move that far it is put in defend mode. Very bad choice to make players do errors. The good design would have been that none should move if one in the group can't. As it's made you need check state of all commanders to be sure all are moving. It's still a huge improvement in comparison to not have any group.

About selecting next commander without order:
Command 'n' allows select next commander without an order ie in Defend/Hide/Siege mode. That one is in the manual. :-)

That's a huge help, I made many mistakes in my previous game because of not knowing that and the troubles with the command for moving commanders that should have been right click (and left click to select a province). The typical error generated by this bad interface is try select another commander and click just beside will make current selected commander try move in a position he can't reach so it will be put back in defend mode, awful.

About repeating a Ritual Spell each turn:
Shift-m allows choose a ritual spell that will be repeated each month byt the selected commander. I don't know what happen if there's no more gems to cast it.

More generally about commands/shortcuts:
At last page of manual there's a list of shortcuts, seems the groups commands not here, but most are here. There's also the wiki page with shortkeys: http://dom3.servegame.com/wiki/Hotkey

In my opinion the most important shortcuts for a "click fan" player, either available only through the shortcut, either rather frequent and to avoid 2/3 clicks:
  • n: Select next commander without an order (ie in Defend/Hide/Siege mode)
  • F1: Kingdom overview.
  • m: Messages (from turn just achieved)
  • Mousewheel or Pageup/Pagedown: Zoom in/out the map view.
  • y: Army view for all armies moving to the selected province (good for planning attack).
  • Shift-click: To select a range of commanders in a group.
  • Ctrl-click: Add/remove the commander in the group selected.
  • Shift-click: To recruit 10 units instead of one.
  • Shift-click: To select a range of units.
  • Double-click: To select all units of same type.
  • Enter: Deselect commanders or units selected.
  • w-click : Select all afflicted units (seems work with a little delay).
  • e-click : Select all units with 2 experience levels of more (seems work with a little delay).
  • h: Shows/hide right side menu (handy if you wonder why it disappeared!)
  • A final note: It seems that many of the shortcuts for commander actions has bugs and allow actions otherwise not possible. So to not cheat, use the interface to select an action other than those listed above (shortcut required for spell ritual repeated each month). Click on a commander action bellow his icon to select an action for this commander.

I'm quite sure it's elsewhere and perhaps with some other key commands not in the manual, but I search and didn't found any list highlighting commands useful for a player generally using the mouse and clicks and none with the groups commands.

And few more for newbies discovering the game:
  • Check the tutorial in manual is advised.
  • For the first game use the map with a yellow asterisk is advised.
  • Right click to select a province on the map.
  • Left click to select almost anything.
  • Left click to move a selected commander/group of commanders.
  • Right click to get information panel of many things, like a commander, or a unit type.
  • Click on a commander action bellow his icon: Shows the list of actions available for the commander, depend of the commander type and context.
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