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June 18th, 2013, 14:22
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Frankly, I see what MS are doing with Xbox One as part of the inevitable evolution of the current industry.
I agree - but I also see why MS in particular is catching so much flack.

First, you cannot be a PC gamer and NOT think that physical ownership of games and a non-online reality (even for single player offline games) is just a quaint silly notion from the past.

Further, in an era where smartphones and tablets dominate the mobile game space, it is hard to see why people would have such a hard time with 'transient property'.

BUT … Microsoft walked into their intro and E3 with a total sense of arrogance and condescension - with all of the answers nobody cared about, flippant dismissal of the questions people DID care about, and such lack of gaming focus that it really invited scorn.

Honestly I think it would have been easy for Microsoft to have anticipated these things and addressed them. Look at how Steam moved from online-only to allowing an offline mode temporarily for offline games. Given PR nightmares for online-required offline games during server outages, this should have been anticipated. As for 'used games', that is simply a transition people need to make.

I think MS could have won considerable good will by (a) being ready with something gamer-centric (b)anticipating the prominence of 'last gen' centric questions and (c) work in backwards compatibility (at least to X360) to be able to TRULY call themselves the 'one box for your living room'.
-- Mike
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