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June 18th, 2013, 14:30
Well, I don't really care about people being arrogant - which is probably why I'm not bothered by that.

I don't buy the people - I buy their product.

As I said before, the only thing I care about is what games will be released for this platform that no other platform will carry.

Beyond that, I will take note of how they're going to exploit the hardware and the kinect thingy - because I certainly wasn't impressed by what they did with the previous version. But I wouldn't rule out something great happening with that.

But I'm a PC gamer first and foremost - and I don't see that changing until consoles allow the same kind of flexibility and multipurpose capacity.

I tend to buy all consoles of any generation - because they all have exclusives.

I would never take anything they do personally - and I appreciate how I'm different there.

As far as I'm concerned - they're all in it for the money, and whatever their attitude - it's just their best efforts to exploit the audience. Arrogance or humility won't make the slightest difference. Only the actual product and what I can do with it will matter.

Well, unless they actually do harm in an area I care about - which would be actual harm to real people. Not pleasing their audience - which generally consists of consumers who want everything as cheap and as convenient as humanly possible - I couldn't care less about. The only difference between the audience and Microsoft is the job they happen to have.




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