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June 19th, 2013, 02:31
If I cared about company's being arrogant I wouldn't own an ipad. Can't stand MS stance on a lot of things but Apple is still #1 in arrogance IMO.

As for the Xbox one. Most consumers will just adjust and conform as they always do. It will be a nonissue for most. They will bring their new box home plug it in to the Internet and never realize or know about always on requirement. If their Internet goes out they will call and tell support that there xbox is broken, support will say no you have to be online to use it. The customer will then hang up and call and bitch at their ISP.

If they try to sell their games and are told they can't, they will say that sucks and tell their kids they can't sell them and move on.

The majority of customers MS is targeting do not vist gaming sites on a regular bases or have any idea what they are buying other than its the new Xbox, our kids will love it.
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