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June 19th, 2013, 10:43
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I saw many, many crazy things as a very young kid. I think it helped me a lot more than it harmed me. But I suppose that's because I never felt threatened or that there was a lack of love and support for me.
There isn't a one size fits all because the world is a diverse place.

But in my place in the world I do believe in pacing.

When my oldest son was 9 and under, bed time on school nights was 8pm. Now it's 9pm. In two years it will be 10pm. And a year or two after that he can set his own bedtime as long as he doesn't wake me up.

Movies and videogames have also been paced. As he gets older, I let him see and play games with increasingly mature content.

The pacing of things can actually change, depending on his maturity and self-discipline.

That all said, I'd still be pretty hard pressed to ever imagine any scenario where a 5 year old plays a GTA game. It's not that the kid will somehow break or turn into a serial killer. It just isn't good for the mind. There's plenty of other entertainment a 5 year old can appreciate - they wouldn't even miss a game like GTA.
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