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June 19th, 2013, 10:53
Originally Posted by TheMadGamer View Post
There isn't a one size fits all because the world is a diverse place.

But in my place in the world I do believe in pacing.

When my oldest son was 9 and under, bed time on school nights was 8pm. Now it's 9pm. In two years it will be 10pm. And a year or two after that he can set his own bedtime as long as he doesn't wake me up.

Movies and videogames have also been paced. As he gets older, I let him see and play games with increasingly mature content.

The pacing of things can actually change, depending on his maturity and self-discipline.

That all said, I'd still be pretty hard pressed to ever imagine any scenario where a 5 year old plays a GTA game. It's not that the kid will somehow break or turn into a serial killer. It just isn't good for the mind. There's plenty of other entertainment a 5 year old can appreciate - they wouldn't even miss a game like GTA.
We simply disagree about psychology and how the mind works.

In my opinion, love is the key. If you love your child and you make sure the child can feel it - then the potential damage of purely sensory exposure is heavily mitigated.

But I feel like it's a waste to exchange about this - because it will inevitably come back to me not having children - and as such, I really have no say.

So, let's just agree to disagree




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