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June 19th, 2013, 13:57
Originally Posted by Gorath View Post
I haven't read the whole thread but why do you want to do a big upgrade at all? Just replace the graphics card and double the RAM. You'll hardly find a game you can't play @max.
Save the rest of the money until it's clear how next gen consoles will influence PC games.
This is exactly what I thought when I read your specs.

Upgrading anything except your videocard on that system will give you very little return for your money.

Going to a 770 or 780 will double to triple your FPS. I wouldn't waste money on a 600 series if you want 2.5 yrs out of it. I would also get as much VRAM as you can afford. People with heavily modded skyrim are running out with only 2 GB. So while no vanilla games need it, it's not out of the realm of possibility it will in a year.

Upgrading to an i5 won't give much return gaming wise as games are heavily dependent on GPU. As least not enough of a return to justify the money spent on mb and CPU.

Going from 8 GB of ram to 16 of the same speed ram will see no benefit at all and even if you get faster ram the performance gain is negligible.

So I say get a good videocard ( don't worry if its more powerful than the rest of your components you'll still see a huge increase and can bring it too you next system) and wait for haswell-E platform in 2014. That will be the next real jump for intel with estimated 30-50% gains over current top of the line processors.
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