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June 19th, 2013, 14:59
Yeah, Bioware were always day one purchases for me until DAII. DAII showed to me that Bioware was taking rpg gaming in a different direction to the one I wanted.

To be honest, I over-reacted a bit at the time - mainly because I couldn't really see much of a future for my kind of rpg if Bioware were going down an action / voiced main character / simplified character development / corridor progression / star-rated items etc route. Since then, KS has thrown up exciting possibilities (not to mention non-KS games like Chaos Chronicles), so I'm finding that I'm less bothered about what Bioware are doing.

I might pick it up if rpgwatchers start raving about it, and the things that bugged me about DAII (and MEIII to be honest) seem to have been resolved.
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