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June 19th, 2013, 16:13
I agree that public image of an enterprise is com not core. But arrogant would require a definition in that context.

I suspect it means ignore consumers reactions. It's a com strategy applied to hide a weakness or a negative critic that could be well founded or not. Sometimes it could work because not enough consumers will care and then a vast majority will just ignore the problem. Sometimes it will work because time will make clear it was a false weakness.

But in that case it's perhaps the only solution they see, can they say, ok a group of consumers are right and we drop our project and start a fresh new on new bases? The problem to apologize or enter in complicated arguing at first negative critic is that it can lead to a com disaster.

I also suspect that the console price is an argument everybody ignore now, but at release of each console it will be a major element. The type of consumers reacting on power problem could be just a minority of those buying the consoles. For that majority the console price could make a difference. Or eventually this power problem will make enough noise so consumers that wouldn't care will take care of this anyway more than console price.
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