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June 20th, 2013, 13:13
Originally Posted by Korplem View Post
The original policy only required a daily check in, that's not exactly always on — though it is obviously a step in that direction — so I doubt the cloud would have presented a much better opportunity than it will now. You're really giving AAA publishers too much credit if you think they would have gotten innovative with it. At best it might add better environmental effects that mean next to nothing and at worst it would be used as a crutch to ship an incomplete game on time while filling in the gaps with the cloud.
Publishers don't necessarily dictate against every single thing developers want to implement. Smart developers might have implemented a central database for everything in a given setting - like, say, for a game like Dragon Age - they could have created a central database for all the games in the trilogy - which would have meant potentially three times the amount of items and much more lore that could be implemented seamlessly in all games as they developed it. If space is not a concern - and you can easily share between all games, then you have the potential to expand data vastly for a world and setting. This is why it would have been brilliant for RPGs.

They could have created a smart data structure for dynamic quests. Meaning the games would automatically update in the background - and quests would be integrated and added without the player ever knowing about it. Perhaps through some optional subscription mode? Extra profit for publishers - more game for players.

It could be taken even further, especially now when a company like EA is so obsessed with the Frostbite engine. They could potentially share assets between multiple games.

Tons of potential - and it might have meant more profit with less effort for publishers too.

Anyway - that's not likely to happen now because players are not necessarily going to be online - and consumers are happy again, so it's all good.




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