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June 20th, 2013, 16:40
I will consider the XBox now but no telling if I will buy it still.

The changes are perfect for me. I work all day on a computer with fast internet and generally hang out with friends or go for a bike ride after work. I get home late usually so I haven't even bothered to get home internet. I have my smartphone to browse a site or two if needed. I have no intention of paying $50 a month for internet that I will rarely use. For me the old XBox DRM would cost $600 a year extra which I would rather spend on other things like new bike parts (which are stupid expensive), beer and gas to go to interesting places to ride said bike.

If I stayed home more of course I would get home internet but I prefer to just store stuff there and sleep there and spend the rest of my time outside if I can. I game on the days I'm feeling lazy.




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