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June 20th, 2013, 17:46
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This business of "tactical combat feel", as compared to "a faster, more action feel" is worrisome. In particular although action and speed of CRPG combat might appropriately be described as feeling or impressionistic characteristics, its difficult to understand how tactical aspects of combat can be viewed in the same light.

In general, I personally felt that DA2 had a more cartoon-like, childish feel as compared to a more realistic, adult oriented DAO. This description of DA3 combat as having a tactical feel suggests the developers might have opted for simple, non-tactical combat that somehow feels tactical, to appeal to a younger audience. For me, the attractiveness of DA2's shiny and fast combat wore off quickly, while the complexity and depth of DAO's combat/character design and choice offerings kept pulling me back into the game.

If you're hoping for straight up tactical combat like Baldur's Gate, it's not likely to happen on a multi-platform release. As Pongo said above, look to Kickstarter - there's a whole slew of PC-only indie RPGs on the horizon that are based on the Infinity Engine.

Like most of the recent big budget multi-plat games (Witcher 2, Dark Souls, Skyrim, etc), the combat will almost certainly have an action component, and that's not necessarily a bad thing if they can manage to do it right. Action combat with tactical elements can/could be a lot of fun.

The combat of Dragon Age 2 wouldn't have been bad had they nixed that awful wave combat style. DA:O was tactical but clunky. A mix of the best features of each could work. I'd be happy if they kept the pause mechanic for giving tactics for those who want to do so, and bring back the ability to zoom out to an overhead position during battles.
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