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June 20th, 2013, 23:22
Possible schedule change- looks like the parents might not be here until Saturday so I might be available. Probably a game time decision.

We probably can't determine what to run until we see who makes it. If Az can't run, I'd be very hesitant to run the 7s. He's the lowest rank in the group right now and has the slowest progress of the group. Anything we/y'all run will just put him in a deeper hole than he's already in and there's not that many catchup areas for him at this level. Y'all are welcome to run the 7s without me if it works out that way, but it would get complicated running them without Az.

If you end up running the 7s, Peter's got the slate right, although I'd selfishly prefer you save the HouseK stuff for last since you might not get to those after knocking out Carnival and slogging thru Hobgoblin Hell.

I don't know everyone's status on the 13/14s since that wasn't really an "official" group, so I can't really say what those toons would run. For my part (which doesn't really matter much and doesn't matter at all if I'm not running), Shadohe is done with Lordsmarch1, Lordsmarch2, Necro3, and everything in the Desert—which I believe means she's got nowhere to be except Gianthold. I've got absolutely no problem repeating quests for others if that's necessary.
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