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June 21st, 2013, 08:22
I made a thread on their forums asking what the point of TESO is.

It's going to be a watered down version of Skyrim that's online. That's about it.

They're emphasizing PvP which makes ZERO sense from a franchise that has done some of the best PvE ever and has had nothing to do with PvP. W.T.F.

They're not giving people a reason to be online or for it to be an MMORPG. What makes MMORPGs the most amazing games is the co-op PvE - the enduring friendships - the tackling of (group) content you cannot do in any other game. And they're not doing any of that?

The thought of taking Skyrim to another level by having incredible PvE that you can do with friends is pretty amazing - and they're not doing anything like that.

What IS the point of them making this game? A weak skyrim ripoff with almost no immersion due to having dozens of pinheads with stupid names running around and spamming chat is not my idea of a good game. Any wannabe MMO that says that their idea of group content is PvP deserves to fail miserably.

I would expect a company like Bethesda to do better than this. This is beyond amateur failing, this is just inexcusably pathetic.
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