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June 21st, 2013, 12:32
We'll have to wait and see, of course, but for me Skyrim and Oblivion didn't really hit the mark in many areas, except for much of the open world exploration aspect, which is superb - The flawed progression (scaling dungeons etc.), combat (except for bows) and consolised UI in Skyrim were all dismal; I can seriously imagine not buying Bethesda's next effort, unless they really up their game.

At best, for PvE, TESO could take the good features of Elder Scrolls: lore, exploration etc. and combine that with the best features of Guild Wars, without making the same mistake GW2 does of trying to make a full scale MMO with no endgame and over fast levelling. The more personal orientation of TESO, lack of an auction house, ability to restrict the other players you see and interact with, etc. may be a *good* sign, in my opinion.

Whether the open world PvP will work is hard to say - noone has so far been able to avoid zerg and keep/territory swapping problems, or to adjust well to players not defending 24 hours, which makes any progress made on PvP maps transitory & meaningless. No indication yet as to whether TESO has some revolutionary solution…

tl;dr First and foremost Zenimax just need to make TESO a fun game - it doesn't have to precisely replicate either Skyrim, World Of Warcraft or some misbegotten marriage of the two.
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