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June 21st, 2013, 13:55
Originally Posted by HiddenX View Post
@Omega - funny video, but not exactly my favourite music style.
maybe you like this one too:
Ne Para uncensored - some kind of eastern european funny sexy Polka Rap
Watched it. Hm. Okay…

Both videos show naked boobs. To me there ends the similarity.
One's cheap. Sorry. Typical male soft porn if you ask me. The guys remind me of Ali G (Sacha Baron Cohen).
In the Blurred Lines video the girls seem vulnerable, their bodies seem to be pale, only there faces are colored, when they're dressed it's white. The setting is sexy, I think, because the men are fully dressed and wearing color, often black. Sort of black and white contrast. Though the black is more pronounced against the white background, it's the girls that attract my eye the most. Apart from the girls being nude they act normally, as they would on a fashion show for instance, they walk around, they dance. I think the video is artistic, sophisticated.

But thanks for trying to please me, I always like that in a man.
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