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June 22nd, 2013, 12:37
To backers, this stings. The pride of helping fund someone’s passion simply isn’t there if everyone else can eventually have a piece of that pie, too. No matter how they’re acquired, behind-the-scenes documentary videos, “alpha” builds, and in-game perks aren’t exclusive anymore if everyone can have the same perks.
Uh, this "Exclusivism" thing again.

Is this really this widespread elsewhere ?

I don't remember having experienced it thatway with products from my youth on, really. In fact, I grew up in a part of the country where it was common that everyone got everything. My grandparents taught me - a mind set most likely surviving vom WWII - that it was simply most important that everyone got at least something. In the aftermath of WWII, survival was the top priority.

I don't know how it was in the 50-60 (German "Wirtschaftswunder"), but in the 70s to 80s where I grew up, "Exclusives" just didn't exist. I guess that a part of us Germans stil is more "socialist" to some part - and I'm speaking of western Germany. Eastern Germany was a different story.

I noticed this "Exclusivism" for the first time with music records. At that time, it wasn't widespread, so it didn't bother me much.

But the number of exclusive record editions grew. I still have a box with a numbered edition of a certain CD single by Genesis here . that was the first time this "Exclusive Editions" came into my focus. And still, I although I bought it for myself (for a huge sum of money for me back then), I even then found it unfair that some people got exclusive things that others could never dream of reaching.

I guess that I'm indeed too much of an socialist : I strongly believe that everyone should be able to get the same things, if they wanted to. If I was a musiciand, I#d INSIST that there should be NO "exclusives / exclusive editions" at all be made from my recordings - and I thought so already 10 years ago or even 20 (hard to track down singles by Peter Gabriel, what really made me angry). I'd try to forbid my record company doing "Exclusives", because they are in my opinion only one thing :


Just take a look at the discography of the band called "The Corrs". Warner really broke a record in doing an insanely huge number of country-specific exclusives. For Asia, they did exclusives for almost all bigger countries, meanwhile Europe got only 1 version, usually. Plus, they didn't even stop at that - one moron had the idea of releasing singles in 2 parts : As 2 CDs which had different songs exclusive to them.
Warner did it with a few 90s Mike Oldfield singles, too (around and after TB II).
Japanese record companies are infamous for releasing "exclusive editions" of CDs of artists where the rest of the world only gets a "standard" edition of it. In the case of Enya, fans suspect that they even managed to put an more or less unfinished piece onto one CD, although it was never meant to be realeased in this unfinished state, as they suspect.
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