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June 23rd, 2013, 04:47
If you're still in need of pointers…

Faction doesn't really matter in the long run, However, some outfits for your character are faction-specific. In addition, your mission handler will have a vastly different personality: Templar is rigid and for the greater good; Illuminati is somewhat flippant and power-hungry; Dragon wants to be chaotic (but from what I played of them, it felt more like an emo teenager wringing his hands in B-movie villain fashion).

I've played through the game's storyline twice now: once as a blade-centric melee build and the second time as blood/ele to experience ranged combat. Having said that, ranged combat is much harder than melee but you'll gradually learn what skills you want. Also, try to focus on your penetration and tohit ratings while you're in green gear.
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