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June 23rd, 2013, 10:06
It simply means protecting your rights through digital means, to me.

So, any way of protecting your software from "theft" by way of other software - is DRM.

It almost never bothers me, but then again - I don't think I've ever been unable to play a game because of it. I've been lucky, I suppose.

Sometimes it's a bit too inconvenient - and Uplay from Ubisoft can be really obnoxious - but I still don't think it's all that big of a deal. It's just annoying.

I think Steam is annoying as well - because it's so god damned slow and I don't understand why. It takes too long to launch - and it takes too long to browse stuff in their client. It's just not fast or efficient considering the resources they have available.

But the primary reason I don't like Steam is that the games are too expensive - and I've never been a fan of Valve. I think they're getting too much credit for not really doing anything special. The only thing they ever did that impressed me was the Source engine.

But I fully respect and accept the right to protect your investment and your livelihood. What I don't respect or accept is the concept of paying for something you don't actually know the value of. Which is why I have absolutely no qualms about pirating to test games out - but I naturally understand why investors/developers wouldn't want me to do that. I don't do it much anymore - because access to games have become so convenient, and you can always get your game at a fair price. Beyond that, I have enough money to play the games I'm interested in, and I don't have the same passion for testing them all out as I used to.

So, if piracy was totally eliminated - I don't think I'd even notice. It would just be one less way of being able to establish what I should spend my money on.




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